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How do I obtain a crash report?

The following are JSO area locations where crash reports can be obtained.Zone 1 Substation: Gateway,...

How do I obtain a criminal history background check?

There are several ways to obtain a criminal history background check; you can come to the...

How do I obtain crime information?

Crime statistics and information are available on the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office website: Uniform...

When will a response be received concerning my public records request?

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will respond to your request in the order in which it has been...

Still have questions?

Please feel free to contact the Public Records Unit.Hours: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday - FridayMain...

How long does it take to fulfill a public records request?

The custodian of public records or his or her designee is required to acknowledge requests to...

What are the charges to obtain records?

Please CLICK HERE for a copy of the fee schedule for public records requests and locations.

How do I obtain a 911 call?

In order to receive the audio of a 911 emergency call, you must provide the date of the incident and...

What is a Public Record?

Florida Statutes, Section 119.011(12), defines "public records" to include: all documents, papers,...

Are public record requests exempt from release?

When a public records request is received by the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, the request itself...